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Drinking milk ceremony which prevails in India and Pakistan just at the close of marriage in a colourful manner. The cousins and the sisters's of bride present glass of milk to groom and in return groom is bound to give gifts in shape of money to the sisters in law. The wedding milk glasses are presented to the groom are nicely decorated which give rise to glamouring the wedding ceremony. Although the multi designing doodh pilai milk glasses are readily available in the markets but Pakistani and Indian girls prefer to arrange design on all such dhoodh pilai glasses according to their own choice.
Golden Doodh Pilai Glass Idea Design

Doodh Pilai Pink Flower Glass Designs Ideas
 Very Beautiful Wedding Glass Design (doodh pilai crystal glass with  pink and red roses)
 Pakistani marriage ceremoney barat glass design
 New Indian Doodh Pilai Glass Style
 Green Doodh Pilai Glass
 Simple and Beautiful Pink Rose Milk Glass Picture
 Awesome Purple and Golden doodh pilao glass image
Crystal Red and Silver Glass
All these glass designs are for doodh pilai ceremony